Purpose and Meaning

by Old Bone Machine

Anton Nolan attempt(image credit: Matt Trappe)

On that hill, dying, gasping for breath, in mute lactic agony – at that precise moment in time, there was nothing in the world I would rather be doing. I ran that hill for one reason only: to run it. And that is the clue to the final cause of running. You and I may run for many reasons, but the purpose – the final cause – of running is always the same. At its best, and at its purest, the purpose of running is simply to run. Running is a member of the class of human activities that carry their purpose within themselves. The purpose of running is intrinsic to it. That, I would one day realize, is important.

Mark Rowlands from Running with the Pack.

The image shows Ultrarunner Anton Krupica during his failed attempt to traverse Nolan’s 14, a series of 14 summits, each over 14,000 feet  in Colarado’s Sawatch Range.

This accumulation of experience on the route, inevitably, shaped a vision and spawned a constellation of intentions and personal expectations for what I could accomplish in this unique mountain range. This is human nature.

Anton Krupica.

Read Anton’s personal account of the journey here.

I think the primary motivator for Tony is just being inspired by the mountain aesthetic. You develop into this new kind of species, where you are scrambling on all fours up the scree. Drinking from creeks. You feel very primal. Kind of alone and out there.

Joe Grant talking about Anton Krupica.

New Balance produced three short episodes on Nolan’s 14 and Anton Krupica’s attempt to race across the mountains.

Sometimes it seems there is as much greatness in failure as in success.