An Abstraction

by Old Bone Machine


Over time as I run and ride my body seemingly and despite age becomes stronger. I run and ride faster and further for instance than I did a year ago. Yet as this change takes place increasingly I have the sensation that I am somehow something distinct and separate from my body. That the body is a machine that I inhabit and inhabit I feel for only a short period of time. I’ve come to understand too that this newly found sensation is my real motivation, that it gives me the impetus to explore the machine, to seek its limits and joys.

For I am curious and the machine fascinates.


Images found on the curious site Bricoleurbanism.

The grey image shows a map of Paris represented as blocks. The green image shows the city of New York (Manhattan & Brooklyn). Below each city map the blocks have been arranged by size and shape.

The images are the work of the French artist Armelie Caron from a series called tout bien range.