by Old Bone Machine


The first day of winter. The occasion marked by a storm in the night with rain and dramatic flashes of light. The thunder shook our house like bad news.

In the morning, after the deluge, I went for a run. I figured the roads around the hills would be dangerous on a bike. Heavy rain often leaves gravel and dirt behind on the roads. Fallen branches and bark from gum trees also make riding a risky proposal. So I went for a run in Sherbrooke Forest.

And I ran surrounded by the tall and noble Mountain Ash, in mist and ferns. I saw lyrebirds and a wallaby. I felt strong and vital. My body warm in the cold.

For all this and more, I’m thankful.

Anyhow, the bicycle odometer reads 4,980 kilometres. My goal for the year is to ride 12,000 kilometres.