by Old Bone Machine

I do not prescribe to any faith, yet I’ve never been able to deny the presence of a spirit. A presence I feel dwells inside all of us. Nonetheless I have a strong regard to those that have found a faith. To those that believe. And I respect sincerely that some have taken the personal journey to inquire and discover.

I was thus touched to see the image (taken at the Giro) of the Columbian rider, Rigoberto Uran Uran, with his crucifix and religious brooch.

tumblr_mmuel6bga01qaahfxo1_1280(image credit: Sky/Scott Mitchell)

Belief gives us strength. It takes us beyond ourselves.

cavendish_2565035b(image credit: AP)

Mark Cavendish on Stage 12 of the Giro d’Italia, secured his 100th professional win. Motivation for his 101st win, on the very next stage, came from the belief of his team.

It could be a cliché to say it’s my team that gives me the motivation to win but the confidence they have in me, even when I say I don’t want to sprint, is a huge factor for me… They ride 100 per cent until they can’t ride anymore… I said I couldn’t win today but they rode from kilometre zero … They pulled every single ounce out of themselves to pull it off and so I had to finish it off. If I don’t do it, I can’t sleep at night…That’s the difference for me. I can do miraculous things when I have a team that believes I can do it as well. I’m on form in the head and my heart. (Mark Cavendish)

WATSON_00003359-012-659x440(image credit: Graham Watson)

Jens Voigt, at 41 years of age, took victory on Stage 5 of the Tour of California, leaving younger and more fanciful rivals in his wake.

They know what my plan is, they know I can’t win a sprint so I have to be alone … You have to catch them by surprise… You gotta make sure they’re busy watching each other – Sagan looks for Hushovd, Hushovd watches Tyler Farrar, and they just say, ‘It’s just old Jensie, we’ll catch him back, he’s going to die out there.’ It played in my favour.

Every now and then I still have a little go power, maybe not every day like five or 10 years ago, but once I’m out there and I can see and smell this victory, it’s hard to get me away from it.

I do try all the time to teach the boys to be brave, be courageous, stop holding back. (Jens Voigt)

941913_10151471011282428_531284737_n(image credit: Tour of California)

To believe and to have faith, to be brave and courageous.