DIY political activist

by Old Bone Machine

Yannick Read is a political activist and cyclist. An extremist with a keen sense of humour. He speaks his mind through his actions and inventions.

The Hornster gives a voice to the often ignored, beleagured and silent road user – the bicycle. At over 170 decibels the Hornster is louder than a car, a truck or a jumbo jet during take-off. The locomotive air horns on the Hornster are powered by a scuba diving tank.


His version of the Popemobile is pedal-powered with zero emissions and is as silent as a priest in prayer. The cost of  the pedal-powered Popemobile, at $260,000, is still half the cost of the Pope’s current car, which is built from a modified Mercedes Benz M-Class.


Yannick Read made his zebra crossing of linoleum, drainage pipes and balloons for £50. He acted in response to his local school’s refusal to approve a crossing. Council indicated a cost of £14,000 to install a real zebra crossing.

Although this is a kind of stunt there’s a very serious issue behind it. It is very chaotic and busy at pick-up and drop-off time. We have had a child knocked over by a car on that particular road. At Latimer School, a child was killed after being hit by a car. I hope the council sit up and take notice.

40popcrossing(image credit: Jonathan Hordle)

Give yourself a treat and watch Yannick ride and talk about his Bond bike here. A bike with many spy-like attachments including a flamethrower and a snow ski.

To see what Yannick Read does next follow him on Twitter here. Quote and information relating to the DIY zebra crossing was sourced here.