A state of balance

by Old Bone Machine

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition contemplating death is considered an important practice. By meditating on death one comes to realise the fragility and uniqueness of our lives. Our impermanence. In contemplating death we may also perhaps come to no longer fear it.

As a road cyclist, riding within a maelstrom of traffic, my mind often turns to thoughts of death and injury. A car or truck passing too close reminds me keenly of my fragility. Life dangles and dances on a thread. It’s a realisation that is more readily understood when riding, yet it is something we should always carry in our hearts.

I was hit by a moped (motor scooter) this morning while riding to work. Fortunately I was not hurt and my beautiful bicycle was undamaged.

We live and ride in a state of balance.


The above image is of a mandala made of coloured sand. At the completion of the mandala, after many days of intricate and disciplined work, the sand is swept together and dispersed in running water.