Bikes I Like

by Old Bone Machine

Andy Martin is an Australian designer. He has studied architecture, shaped surfboards for pro surfers, worked with industrial design icon Marc Newson and in 2000 established the Andy Martin Studio.

It [the studio] incorporates Architects, Interior Designers, Craftspeople, Furniture and Product Designers, and Futurists to allow a unique cross-fertilization of creative thought.


Thonet is a German furniture design company renowned for their bentwood chairs.

Thonet’s technique made use of solid rods of beech, proven by Michael Thonet to be less prone to splitting than other species such as oak or birch. After placing the rods of beech in a pressure vessel, steam was applied until the resin surrounding the timber fibres became pliable. In this changed state, the rod could be bent around a form. Once the rod had taken shape, it would be left to cure. The hardened resin would effectively hold the timber fibres firm in the new shape, which could then be used as a solid component in the manufacture of bentwood furniture.


The Thonet bicycle is a meeting of the waters. Beech wood bent by hand into a shape desired by the imagination. A fixed gear, brakeless bicycle better suited to an indoor track perhaps than the harshness of the road.


All images sourced from the Andy Martin Studio.