by Old Bone Machine


Repetition makes the body and the mind stronger. I repeated the line, over and over in my head, like a mantra. I am the mountain goat. I am the salmon swimming upstream. I am Sisyphus and I am the dung beetle. My head became filled with mixed metaphors. It was rationale and reason I sought. Why was I doing this? Why was I here again on the same road? This bloody ascent, another climb, the same climb again. Yes, repetition. Repetition makes the legs and the will stronger.

I am training for the 3 Peaks Challenge. A 235 kilometre ride over Tawonga Gap (876m) , Mount Hotham (1825m)  and Falls Creek (1720m) with more than 4000 metres of climbing and a time limit of 13 hours. A route that would not be out-of-place at the Tour or the Giro.

On Saturday I rode 70 kilometres and climbed 2000 metres, on Monday I rode 110 kilometres and climbed 3000 metres. Some progress made. And because of the Challenge I ride more now but I fear not nearly enough. The 3 Peaks Challenge is on Sunday 10th March.

Those that have ever tried to meditate will know what a villain the mind can be. Each of the repetitions I did  was 35 kilometres in length with 1000 metres of climbing. Each of the circuits brought me past my home and the mind played with me. The monkey mind, the restless mind, taunted me. Mentions of family and of home comforts. Whispered words in my ear, you’ve done enough, you can stop now. Yet my body and will were strong.