Good Intentions

by Old Bone Machine

Before we advance too far into the new year, here are my personal cycle related goals for the year:

1) To ride 12,000 kilometres. Last year the goal was to ride 10,000 kilometres and I managed to reach 10,867 kilometres.


2) To ride my first 3 Peaks Challenge (Sunday 10th March). It’s a 235km circuit ride with three major climbs: Tawonga Gap (876m), Mount Hotham (1825m) and Falls Creek (1720). The ride has over 4000m of climbing and the challenge is to complete the circuit (start/finish at Falls) within the 13 hour cut-off.

3 peaks_ right side page(click on profile to enlarge)

3) To ride my third Amy’s Gran Fondo (Sunday 15th September). The ride, inspired by the Gran Fondo tradition of Europe, showcases the Great Ocean Road and the area’s beautiful surrounds, and in keeping with the Foundation’s vision (zero bike related fatalities) is held on closed roads. No cars, no trucks, no buses.

(picture source: Cycling News)

The Gran Fondo is a living memorial of Amy’s life. Read my post of the 2012 ride here.