by Old Bone Machine

Fietsenpakhuis, I like the word and I like the concept.


Fietsenpakhuis is a response to a problem that is particularly Dutch. Bicycle congestion in city and town centres! It’s a problem, I dare say, most other cities in the world would welcome.

Fietsenpakhuis is a bicycle parking warehouse that accommodates 700 bicycles. It is a public space which is free of charge to riders.

Fietsenpakhuis is a beautifully engineered and crafted space utilising passive solar heating and natural ventilation. The large wood beams, sourced from sustainable sources, in conjunction with the large glass front gives the warehouse a light and church-like appearance. Take note of the bike ramp/slide on the stairs.

Fietsenpakhuis is located in Zaandam (Netherlands) which was once an active industrial hub of Amsterdam. The design of the building is inspired by the “Zaanse” industrial warehouses of the area. The design is by Nunc Architecten.

Fietsenpakhuis provides a variety of other services and facilities including toilets, lockers, bike repairs and rentals.



Fietsenpakhuis, I like the word and I like the concept.

Images from Nunc Architecten.