Life Cycle

by Old Bone Machine


The sight of the white steed in the morning traffic. The steed and the rider, racing amongst the cars. Not a steed though but a bicycle. Yet it seemed to me such, for all the joy that filled my chest.

I saw the white steed on two occasions and my love of cycling was rekindled.

I learned later that the bicycle was a fixed gear with a frame based on a steel track bike. Soon after I discovered the work of Francesco Bertelli. I found his strict aesthetics compelling and beautiful. I was unable to resist and bought myself a black steed in the style of a Bertelli assembled bicycle.


I rode my fixie constantly and with the determination of a mad man. Each week I rode further and longer. I was riding in the realm of the road riders on their light, carbon machines. Gradients of 5% and beyond. Thin air. Eventually I relented and bought a carbon, road racing horse.


Presently it’s the road bike I ride most days. It’s a bike that easily covers the 50 kilometres that is my daily grind to and from work. On weekends it takes me away on journeys of 100 and 200 kilometres. It gives me such freedom and joy.

Yet  the black steed will always remain a dear friend to me. For it was the steed that rekindled the passion.


The above images of the black steed are from Francesco Bertelli’s site Bertelli-New York City-Biciclette Assemblate

An interview with Francesco Bertelli can be read here.

Postscript. A trinity of sorts was completed this year when a mountain bike appeared in my stable.