Bikes I Like

by Old Bone Machine

The Camper Bike is the ultimate touring bike. It is inspired by a third world utilitarian sensibility and a first world obsession with the new. I’m reminded of the transportation bikes of Shanghai, where one makes do with what is at hand. Third world creativity. I’m reminded also by our desire for vehicles evermore specific. Hybrids like the SUV and the mountain bike. Our particular expression of creativity.

With the Camper Bike two worlds collide.


The Camper Bike is in fact a sculpture created by the Canadian artist Kevin Cyr. The sculpture wavers delicately between the probable and the fantastic and this is what intrigues the viewer. It could all be possible. Kevin Cyr features the bike in a series of imagined scenes which further suspends our disbelief.


Images of the Camper Bike have been sourced from Kevin Cyr’s site. Visit  the site to see images of the Camper Bike’s interior.

Watch Kevin Cyr install his exhibit Home in the Weeds here.

Leave your panniers at home.