Bikes I Like

by Old Bone Machine

Bamboo and bone machines by Calfee Design.

Highly crafted, precision bicycles where carbon is replaced by bamboo and epoxy soaked hemp fibre. The frames are heat treated to prevent splitting and finished with satin polyurethane to seal the bamboo. The frames can be maintained as one maintains a conventional bicycle.

The Calfee Design bamboo frame is stiff and the ride more comfortable than steel or carbon.

The touch of racing red, on the road bike, I suspect would strike fear in a matador.

Calfee Design are a company driven by innovation. Innovation in their methods, materials, techniques and ultimately in their designs. They build road, mountain, cyclocross and tandem bikes both in carbon and bamboo.

Tamer versions (without horns) of their bamboo bikes can be viewed at Calfee Design.