Nomenclature – Bidon Collé

by Old Bone Machine

(photo credit: Tim De Waele)

The French term Bidon Collé is better known to English speakers as Sticky Bottle. The term refers to an almost paranormal phenomena where an ordinary drinking bottle or bidon passed from a team car to a rider is unable to be released by either the team official or the rider. This typically results in the rider being towed by the team car.

Sprinters riding a mountain stage are the main proponents of the sticky bottle tactic, as finishing a stage outside of the cut-off time period results in disqualification from the race.

Sticky Bottle is also referred by some race commentators as taking a pull. If caught, taking a pull, a rider can incur a fine or time penalty.

(photo credit: Bert Hardy)

The above photo shows the Medway Wheelers rider Ken Joy, receiving a bidon of milk and honey, during a successful attempt to break the London to Brighton speed record in 1949.

And I really did try to avoid the double entendre.