by Old Bone Machine

The doping scandal has left me bloodied and bruised. Too many voices, some loud and belligerent, in the one room. There has been little time for reflection and considered thought. I want to turn my back on it all but I continue to look on wide-eyed and dumbfounded.

Apart from the affidavits, the opinions proffered have not come from those within the maelstrom, the pro cyclists. To make some sense of it I want to hear their voices and understand their experiences.

(photo credit: © AP)

From The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle.

In 2002 Hamilton crashed early in the three-week Tour of Italy, fracturing his shoulder. He kept riding, enduring such pain that he ground eleven teeth down to the roots, requiring surgery after the Tour. He finished second … In 2003 Hamilton performed an encore, crashing in stage 1 of the Tour De France and fracturing his collarbone. He kept going, winning a stage and finishing a remarkable fourth …

And why Hamilton lied:

I thought it would cause the least damage. Put yourself in my shoes. If I had told the truth, everything’s over … The truth is too big it involves too many people. You’ve either got to tell 100 percent or nothing. There’s no in-between. So yeah, I chose to lie. I’m not the first to do that, and I won’t be the last. Sometimes if you lie enough you start to believe it.