by Old Bone Machine

Since purchasing a wallet made of tyre inner tubes, I’ve been curious to see what could be done with old bicycle parts.

The South Korean artist Young-Deok Seo has produced the following sculptures.

(Dystopia – Bacteria are us.)

The compositions are classical and solemn. The bicycle chain, made of joined segments, giving the sculptures a digital, photographic quality.

(Addict – Meditation 3)

I’m reminded of medical scans or airport body detection scans. I’m reminded of the Radiohead video for House of Cards which was made without lights or cameras. Instead lidar technology, which detects the proximity of objects, was used to generate the images in the video.

I think I may be rambling now. I’m sorry. So to bring it back again to cycling here is a picture of Thom Yorke from Radiohead riding a bicycle. Everyone looks joyful riding a bicycle.

The images of the sculptures were sourced from Young-Deok Seo’s website. The site and further works can be seen here.