The Pringle

by Old Bone Machine

(photo credit: Edmund Sumner, View/Corbis)

The London Velodrome is nicknamed The Pringle.

This is an unfortunate tag I believe as the building is both beautiful and elegant (unlike the reconstituted potato chip).

(photo credit: unknown)

The Pringle was designed by Hopkins Architects.

The velodrome is elegant as are all objects where the function is the focus of the design. Every aspect of the design is distilled to its purpose. Like the track bike there is no decoration or aspect (brakes and gears) that distracts from the purpose to race. To go as fast as possible.

Cycling inspired the concept for the Velodrome. The bicycle is an ingenious ergonomic object that is honed to unrivalled efficiency. We wanted the same application of design creativity and engineering rigour that goes into the design and manufacture of a bicycle to manifest itself in the building – Hopkins Architects

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My favourite moment at the velodrome, during the 2012 London Olympics, was seeing Anna Meares win gold against Victoria Pendleton in the Sprint Final. The rivalry between Meares and Pendleton has spanned a decade and has always been fierce, hard-fought and at times bitter.

For Anna Meares it was a win achieved not through raw power and speed but rather by good design.

(photo credit: AFP Photo/Odd Andersen)

“I’d been practising that move, and saving it.”

“Victoria is a phenomenal athlete from the rear position, she has just such fantastic top-end speed, and I knew that”

” I just had to force her to the front and perhaps make her question her ability to be able to hold me off. That was my game plan the whole way. Weeks ago.”

(photo credit: Getty Images)

Go Anna !!!