Amy’s Ride

by Old Bone Machine

Amy’s Gran Fondo is a festival. A celebration of cycling and a living memorial of Amy’s life.

(picture source: Cycling News)

The ride, inspired by the Gran Fondo tradition of Europe, showcases the Great Ocean Road and the area’s beautiful surrounds, and in keeping with the Foundation’s vision (zero bike related fatalities) is held on closed roads. No cars, no trucks, no buses.

The ride starts and finishes in Lorne and the small coastal town also hosts a two day cycling-centric fair.

(picture source: UCI World Cycling Tour)

My personal aim this year is to enjoy the Gran Fondo and to ride strong. In 2011, I was ill days before the ride. I participated and completed the circuit but did so feeling frail and nauseous. I suffered like only a cyclist can and was left disappointed.

I hope the Gran Fondo becomes an annual fixture. It’s a ride I’ll return to again and again.

(picture source: UCI World Cycling Tour)

Amy’s Gran Fondo is on this Sunday 16th September. Come with your friends, come with your family and share in the spirit of the festival. Places are still available, so don’t miss out on this unique ride.