by Old Bone Machine

There is the Tour, the Giro and the Vuelta.

To ride a grand tour is a great accomplishment for a pro cyclist. To complete all the grand tours in a season is deserving of some special recognition or award. What that recognition or award should be I’m unsure of (I’m open to suggestions).

As a spectator this year I watched all the Tour stages, watched some of the Giro and in the last few days the Vuelta has piqued my interest. Contador returning from his “rest” has been attacking in the mountains like a rabid dog. Biting at the heels of Rodriguez. Yet “Purito” has somehow resisted and still wears the red leaders jersey.

The Cuitu Negru stage was a classic dog fight.

I’d even suggest that the Vuelta has had more intrigue this year than the Tour.

And it takes some physical effort to watch a grand tour live from Australia. Typically a live telecast will begin at 11pm and conclude at 2am. To watch live stages over three weeks takes great perseverance. To watch all grand tours I’d suggest is also deserving of some special recognition.

Special thanks to SBS for supporting pro cycling and bringing us more (free to air) race coverage to our television screens this year than ever before.